2000 Calorie Diet Standards For Weight Loss And Food Pyramid

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Temple I (also known as the Temple of Ah Cacao or Temple of the Great Jaguar) is a funerary pyramid dedicated to Jasaw Chan K’awil, who was entombed in the structure in AD 734, the pyramid was completed around 740–750. The temple rises 47 m high. The massive roofcomb that topped the temple was originally decorated with a giant sculpture of the enthroned king, although little of this decoration survives.

The tomb of the king was discovered by Aubrey Trik of the University of Pennsylvania in 1962. Among items recovered from the Late Classic tomb were a large collection of inscribed human and animal bone tubes and strips with sophisticated scenes depicting deities and people, finely carved and rubbed with vermilion, as well as jade and shell ornaments and ceramic vessels filled with offerings of food and drink.

The shrine at the summit of the pyramid has three chambers, each behind the next, with the doorways spanned by wooden lintels fashioned from multiple beams. The outermost lintel is plain but the two inner lintels were carved, some of the beams were removed in the 19th century and their location is unknown, while others were taken to museums in Europe.

2000 Calorie Diet Standards For Weight Loss And Food Pyramid

Calorie diet standards relating to weight loss is determined on the basis of the RDA or the Recommended Daily Allowances. The recommendation is the basis for the FDA food labeling in United States. Average USDA guidelines are the same as it was in the elementary schools. One would go back to the food pyramid that shows fat at the top and starch at the bottom. Usually such food pyramids are used to indicate the relative value of the particular food component and its effects on the human physique.

Recommendations on 2000 Calories

However, many dieticians will recommend diets containing around 1800-2000 calories per day. The 2000 calorie diet standards is recommended by most of the dieticians as it is not as low as the 1200 calorie diet that could bring up some health hazards and not as high as 2500 calorie diet that won’t allow more calorie burning than intake.

Problems of Obesity

Perhaps the greatest problem that is faced by millions of Americans as well as people all over the world today is; obesity. Overweight problems are normally associated with fat accumulation in the body and it is fat burning that is also normally suggested as the solution for the problem. That on turn leads one to the question of calculating calories. It is necessary that the user burns more calories than he takes in and the result will be fat burning and weight loss.

Food Pyramid and Its Role

Food pyramid is nothing but an indicator showing the relative calorie values of the food and their place in the list of foods to be consumed. It helps people to take up some diet that will be good for their health and also help in the weight loss perspective.

Basic Requirements for 2000 Calorie Diet

A person taking on diet will need to take care of the following aspects in diet –
• Limiting the intake of sugar and fats.
• Consuming more of the whole grains.
• Avoiding Trans Fats as well as saturated fats as much as possible.
• Limiting fat intake to 20% to 30% of the daily calorie intake.
• Consumption of monounsaturated as well as the polyunsaturated fats.

Since a 72 gram weight piece of chicken sandwich contains 200 calories, one may think that it will suffice to eat ten pieces of it for 2000 calories. But the truth is something else. It is necessary combining food that will contain necessary nutrients and vitamins for the body while remaining within the limits of 2000 calories overall.

Old and New Food Pyramid

A comparison of the old and new pyramids in 2000 calorie diet formation would reveal the followings.
• Old pyramid required the dieter to consume around 6-11 servings of grains. New pyramid limits the quantum to only six ounces.
• Vegetable intake would be 3 to 5 servings in the old pyramid and limited to 2.5 cups in the new pyramid.
• Fruits to be consumed come to 2 to 4 servings and two cups in the old and new pyramids respectively.
• While the old pyramid suggests taking milk in two three servings and using oil sparingly, the new pyramid suggests three cups of milk and 6 teaspoons of oil.

Results of Comparison

Some of the results of the comparisons of the old and new pyramid indicate that the new recommendation has doubled the grain consumption while the daily allowances remain static. Similarly, there has been an increase in the milk allowance and consequential decrease in vegetables and fruits.

In essence; dietary requirements will depend on multiple factors like the age, gender, weight, metabolism and activity levels. Food pyramid will be dependent largely on such factors.

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