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During the Olympic Games, Beijing 22 hospitals carried out 24 hours for the five main symptoms of the monitoring of infectious diseases, including fever, diarrhea, rash, red eyes and skin jaundice. Once symptoms appear the same case gathering, will be the first to control the situation.

Deng Xiaohong, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, said the Olympic medical and health protection work is divided into four areas. The first is emergency medical security system, medical institutions designated to determine the Olympic Games a total of 24 hospitals, from the city more than 80 medical institutions in the selection of the more than 3,000 people formed more than 30 medical teams set up another in the Olympic Village polyclinic. In the city to improve the emergency center as a leader, the city sub-centers in 18 districts and counties for the hub, all the hundreds of emergency first-aid station as the base system. Finally, there is a stable team of blood donors to ensure clinical and Olympic events during the Olympic Games, these athletes, coaches, the demand for temporary blood. These are the protection of medical emergency.

Second is committed to enhancing disease prevention and control work. In the game there are 22 hospitals during the 24 hours to carry out the main symptoms for five infectious disease surveillance, including fever, diarrhea, rash, red eyes and skin jaundice. Once symptoms appear the same case gathering, will be the first to control the situation. In the city’s eight districts and counties covering the establishment of meat, aquatic products, vegetables and other foods more than 60 test indicators monitoring network established in the city’s 18 districts and counties of the monitoring of drinking water contamination in order to protect the food and drinking water security.

The third is to strengthen supervision and management of public health. Beijing has a health supervision and law enforcement teams, contracted hotels in the Olympic venues good health safeguards work, has fully completed the 83 Olympic venues and related facilities construction work of Health licensing of all food services 20 000 in the Olympic Games number of employees completed the health examination. Increased the city’s entire run of health supervision. Food catering industry to adopt a quantitative classification management, currently in key areas such as tourist attractions catering to the B level and above units, shopping malls, supermarkets, more than 170 public places emphasis on centralized air conditioning system has completed the cleaning work, it the effect of monitoring can greatly enhance the health of people in public places.

Fourth group casualties do medical emergency first aid and emergency protection. In addition to emergency network system outside the hospital in the city where the establishment of a base, recently organized a number of wounded admitted to the emergency exercise groups, can set up an emergency in the city treated the capacity of mass casualties. In disease prevention and control system was set up 20 emergency teams disease prevention, monitoring system set up 40 emergency disease prevention teams to deal with any sudden public health incidents.

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