5 Tips to Make Food Labels Easy to Read

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The new school year is about to begin and it’s sort of like January 1st, the New Year – the new school term is always the time for resolutions. One of the things we’ve got to start thinking about is a resolution to healthy eating and one way to do this is step by step – beginning with reading the labels on packaged foods. The label can be confusing but it can be made simple if you start with 5 elements.

5 Tips to Make Food Labels Easy to Read

Ingredients are listed in a group at the bottom of the label with the largest percentage of contents the first item. In selecting a healthy food, it’s optimal that Sugar is listed as the third or fourth item, meaning it’s not the largest or second largest percentage of the contents of the food product.

Calories – Serving Size/Serving Per Container is typically listed at the top and will tell you how big one serving is and how many servings are in the package or jar. When comparing two similar products, be sure to check that the serving size is the same; if not, the values are not equal. This is one to watch closely.

Fat – Ideally no more than 20 percent of calories should come from fat. The percentage of calories from fat is listed under total calories on the label.

Salt – Under a strict low salt diet you would have no more than 1:1 ratio of sodium (mgs) to calories. You may be shocked when you see a small bag of potato chips with 200 calories and 750 mgs sodium which is part of what can make potato chips a less than healthy choice.

Whole Grains are the type of grains most vital to your diet and the word WHOLE verses wheat or enriched is the key. Whole grains are not processed and maintain the elements needed in your diet.

These 5 steps to reading food labels are the beginning of shopping and eating more healthy foods.

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