A Brief Introduction Of Hardware Configuration Of Dm500 Hd

DM500 HD is a basic HDTV satellite signal receiver released by Dream Multimedia. Compared with the advanced HDTV satellite signal receiver DM800, DM500 HD is much cheaper. The purpose of Dream Multimedias releasing of DM500 HD is to popularize the HDTV satellite signal receiver and HD standard. We have acquired the hard ware configuration of DM80, but how about DM500 HD?

Here, lets have a look at the hardware configuration of DM500 HD.

1. Memory. DM500 HDs memory system composed of three parts. They are one OTP (One Time Programmable) EEPROM (Electrical Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory), one NAND FLASH and four DDR SDRAM. The U702 unit is the M27W40180K6 EEPROM produced by ST Micro Electronics. The U703 unit is the HY27US081218 NAND FLASH chip produced by Hynix. The U100, U101, U103 and U104 units are DDR2 800 memory units produced by ELPIDA with the model of E5116AJBG 8E E. Though the DDR chips capacity of DM500 HD is same as DM800, DDR2 800 has a much higher frequency than DDR2 -400 on DM800. This characteristic of DM500 HD will contribute to DM500 HDs high capacity of HD stream decoding.
2. Audio and video output interface. The output interface of DM500 HD can give out both digital and analog signal stream. The digital video signal output interface of DM500 HD is the HDMI port. The digital audio signal output interface is the S/P DIF optical fiber port. The analog video and audio stream can be released by SCART interface. This interface can release the CVBS or YPbPr video stream and audio stream. The RGB/YPbPr interface is controlled by the FMS6363 (U402) chip produced by Fairchild.
3. Other Interface. DM500 HD provides an eSATA interface which is used to connect portable hard drive with serial port. There is also a RJ 45 port on the back board of DM500 HD. This port is used to connect the web device and get DM500 HD into LAN. DM500 HD even has a mini USB interface which is used to upgrade and write the operating system. The mini USB port is controlled by the CP2102 (U901) chip produced by Silicon.

SIM card and encryption chip. The SIM card on DM500 HD is used to encrypt the software of Dreambox. There is a Microcontroller Unit chip A3P030 (U1201) on the back of the system board. It is produced by Actel and used to encrypt the system, too.

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