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Policy Seminar – Launch of WHO Bulletin theme issue ‘Measuring quality of care’
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Global health academic researchers, practitioners, and policy makers gathered in Geneva, Switzerland on 14 June to discuss critical questions around quality of care and its measurement.

The seminar served as a launch event for the WHO Bulletin theme issue on quality of care in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The papers of the theme issue provide a glimpse into the current landscape of quality of care research in low- and middle-income countries. They make a strong case for investing in more and better data on health system quality, an area where countries must lead but where development partners can also add critical value through the production of public goods as well as data collection tools and technologies.

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Most corporate retreats are huge events that need to be planned all throughout, maybe in a span of months. As a matter of fact, large businesses and corporations employ people that plan and manage all events concerning the company. As for these event planners, there are some things to be put in the checklist for consideration in order to have a successful corporate event.

If you are an event planner, you have to consider the theme and the goal of the event before you set up the details and the decorations. You must create a small committee with representatives for each department in the company and discuss all the key details that must be shown in the event.

Make sure that the budget for the event is established and tangible for immediate use. Brainstorm about the date, venue, theme, number of people attending the event, etc. Draft a detailed timeline for the preparation period, the event proper, and the post-event period. Also, create a sub-committee that will handle invitations and other related pre-event activities.

Your committee should be ready to order and distribute invitations, as well as looking for companies providing catering services, event equipment, and decorations. Also take into consideration employing a public relations staff to gain a public visibility for the event. Visual graphics is also an important aspect for corporate events, so you must opt for graphic designers, and print specialists for creating any printed materials for the event, like invitations, posters, and banners. For corporate retreats Colorado printing companies often manufactures custom-made giveaways and keepsakes, aside from just printed materials.

All plans for the event should already on the move a couple of weeks before the Denver corporate event. During the week, all companies that will provide all the materials and the services for the event must be double-checked and ready to be deployed. All details for the event or retreat like catering, decorations, reservations, parking area, and visual materials must be verified to be tangible.

On the big day, you and your people must arrive at the venue several hours before the Denver corporate event. Inspect all aspects for failures and errors. Be sure that the caterer, designers, decorators, floral arrangers, and production crew arrive right on time. Check all sound and video systems beforehand. Lastly, make sure that mobile phones are handy at all times.

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