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Recent years, “China” has become the world’s most important channel for awareness of China, however, including food, daily necessities and other goods made overseas experience after another threshold limit of international standards and questioned, the debate surrounding the standardization of repeated in newspaper This gives the healthy development of related industries brings a troubled time in China Standardization of a lively focus for the consumer jump. Many companies have realized that standardization of Chinese-made without delay, have them participate in standard setting. Reporters across the standardization of Chinese companies, how will the threshold? How to ensure a good international image of Chinese manufacturing problems, has special interview with China Association for Standardization Technical Director Mr. Zhang Xiuchun.

Standardization has become a top priority
Reporter: Why Does the standardization of Chinese-made so much attention and sparked intense interest?
Zhang Xiuchun: This is a pressing issue, as standardization and management of the disparities exist with international standards, our toothpaste, toys, daily necessities abroad have repeatedly rebuffed some standards in the domestic work, to go abroad would not succeed, sound standardized management can avoid this. We take a look at microwave ovens and other small household appliance industry in international trade can be quickly docked to international standards, which companies actively cooperate with the “Association standards” are not unrelated, with Association standards while not mandatory, but after legal and strict monitoring, as the industry voluntary use of standards, is conducive to technological progress and products to the international market.

Reporter: Standardization for What are the benefits in China, “Association standards” to speed up the standardization process?

Zhang Xiuchun: standardization enables enterprises to establish production, operation, management, the best order, so that resources can be reasonably equipped, so that maximum economic benefits; the same time, help to enhance corporate technology innovation, promote industrial upgrading, industry, prosperity, and consolidation of the professional market, and enhance international competitiveness. In fact, the “Association of the standard” is not unique to China, industry has developed several decades, even centuries of association standards and experience. Related leaders have pointed out: the experience of developed countries to fully learn and practice, the establishment of associations and voluntary standards system operating mechanism, the implementation of technical standards of China’s important strategic task.

“Association standards” is a useful complement of national standards
Reporters: “Association standards” and national mandatory standards of what kind of relationship, it’s typical characteristics?

Zhang Xiuchun: mandatory standards for the nation, we should regard it as the basis of an industry standard, a business to enter a trade, must be based on standards adopted by that state mandatory standards, which are entry permits, such as “3C certification standards”; but has a strong stability of the basic standards, amendments to them is lagging behind; the “Association standards” is just a useful complement to national standards. As autonomous organizations by the company’s standardization work, the association standards to respond quickly to fast-growing information technology needs of emerging standards, they are a business-oriented, flexible, cycle shorter, although not mandatory, but through time and practice After the test, they are likely to rise as the national and international standards, thereby promoting development of the industry.

Reporter: At present, China has approved the household appliances industry association standards by which it? Association standards have become the industry standard with no, or even national standard conditions?

Zhang Xiuchun: two years as the household appliances industry, industry value, and products more additional features, some well-known standard Concord domestic appliances business cooperation, issued a series of standards related to Association, last year co-operation with the Haier Group, ” Home Fresh Fridge “standard and” fresh air conditioner “standard to achieve good results, we have introduced the beginning of a beautiful participate in the development of the microwave oven microwave ovens” steam standards “, these new associations published standards, after a certain time of perfect , introduced a national standard for the promotion of positive role. Recently, the relevant authority has started to research and develop “national performance standards for refrigerators”, which will involve keeping the refrigerator the first time, the relevant technical requirements.

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