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Recently, Shandong Province, Jining City suburb of recovery appeared in 15 infants River bridge remains. Director of the Office of Jining City Health Bureau said the initial investigation, 15 infants remains may be cited abortion or the local hospital patients die of dead babies, according to the law, is medical waste. Jining Municipal Health Bureau said the survey results will be published on the 30th. (March 30 Beijing News)

From “part of the baby leg close to the printed date of birth, mothers name, hospital beds information, green tags” and other information detailed view, the baby has been the source of the body does not exist any objection. However, the conscience of any one of the survivor, this 15 brutal “postmortem” baby body, are like a picture of desolation in the community, it is shocking. But incredibly, the place of Health’s response to this incident, not only high-sounding, but woodenly to the “cold” level.

Course, we are unable to be considered in the baby body “medical waste” issue, have waged war of words, we believe that through the investigation, the official will be able to find the “culprit” and should be punished. However, the baby remains “accident” into the river, flowing from public view, as we have already opened a hospital to deal with a tip of the iceberg when baby body.

Fact, looking back immediately improper disposal of medical waste, the phenomenon of the surface, one on the disposal of the lack of stringent monitoring process, and second, there are the interests of their own space race, but is still largely dispensed with by the hospital ethics management To, from which it is not difficult to understand the human nature, or lack of care or even rupture. Because of this, ordinary people in the eyes of the baby remains in hospital side view, there is no meaning to life, a one-time infusion tube can be materialized as the “stuff”, all are “medical waste.” It should be said, is there such a concept positioning, baby body disposal took place, “accident” behind is a bit long indifferent to the inevitable.

Not that the baby remains should be disposed of on a similar farewell ceremony, funeral ceremony, but so hastily be equivalent to general medical waste, is not only easy to form a “heavy medical expense of human nature” of consciousness, ideas, and Inertia is also easy to penetrate to the routine Health Service. Such as “broken right leg left leg was planting plate” and the reality of medical malpractice frequently, asked the ethics exam, but also from one side to explain why doctors are so “not to people as human beings,” Situation of human nature fracture care.

View of this, the infant body is not part of medical waste and other technical problems behind, really hidden doctor asked how human medicine. If the Health Department and the accident to the hospital, only medical waste disposal from the perspective on this, accountable, accountability Yehao matter whether it difficult to eliminate fear of “improper disposal of medical waste” incident from happening again, perhaps even medical ethics, the medical community continue to “bury.” So, I think that a baby body brutal “postmortem” is a mirror that reflects the reality of our medical image damage, it seems urgent need for our healthcare professionals make up the “human spirit” this lesson before they can from the inside and field and then plastic “angels.”

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