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Athletic Shoot: Paleo is Possible
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When my friend Ryan asked me to shoot some athletic shots of him for his new business, Paleo is Possible, I jumped at the idea. I recommended the calisthenics park in Lincoln Park that I frequently pass on my runs up the Lakefront Trail. Ryan is Primal Health Coach certified, and for anyone looking for a nutrition, fitness and overall well-being coaching, I would encourage you to check out his website.

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As parents, you always want to find the best things for your children, especially to invest money and time for what serve children’s best study. Besides good learning and teaching methods and environment, you will certainly seek for good educational facilities, and online education methods are proved to be the best choice for you. 


According to experts, online learning has certain advantages to learners through its face-to-face instruction. You can find the vast resources on the Internet to look for great educational sites which keep your kids focused on learning. Let’s take a closer look at the best and useful educational websites for children and students as follows:

TED is the abbreviation of three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. It is a body which invites inspirational people to the conference to share their ideas on the world, technology, design and more and videos the results and archives them.



Registering for free, you can browse via hundreds of articles from the popular magazine. They are also classified into groups and are easily readable.

The American magazine covers a large series of subjects from space and the environment to animals and even world music, and this website includes the best living things inside the world.

This site includes videos, podcasts, a vast photo archive, 3-D image files, and pages for missions where you can look at raw data for the whole earth.

This website is comprised of expertly written articles explaining everything under the sun from how a Taser is put together to the history of the earth. Moreover, hundreds of videos are supplemented to clarify each article.

Discovery, as its name suggests, is the online dictionary supplying every science knowledge via lively images or best quality videos for those who are interested in discovering the world.

This website consists of a simple collection of video clips and is chosen from 370 animals to see related footage.

PBS is a publicly funded American TV channel with a focus on science, the arts, and history. You may also watch the whole shows or browse their excellent, richly detailed sites.




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