Best Tips for Investors to Immigrate to Canada

Canada is a highly developed country, with excellent health care systems, world class educational infrastructure, exceptional working conditions and a very high standard of living. In fact, the United Nations has ranked Canada as the best place to live, for five years in a row. As one of the most immigrant friendly country, welcoming to the tune of 200,000 immigrants every year, Canada has a unique multi-cultural society with immigrants from practically every country around the globe. The friendly environment makes Canada one of the best investment destinations for immigrants.

With many investors vying to immigrate to Canada, the competition has become rather stiff. It’s a gold rush and investors need to be aware of all the immigration related information, procedures and terms & conditions to the minutest details. As per the existing rules, (subject to change shortly) for an investor to immigrate to Canada (other than Quebec), he/she has to fulfill the following criteria:

Business management experience
A minimum household net worth of CDN$ 800,000 (legally obtained)
Qualify medical and security evaluations
Make a CDN$ 400,000 investment(no interest) with the Govt. of Canada for 5 years (which can be financed with Govt. affiliated banks & financial institutions)

Investors can there are many immigration consultants and law firms that provide complete migration services, but getting the right consultant or firm is a difficult task.

Here are a few tips that would help you in choosing the right organization.

Hire a law firm/consultant that offers a unique combination of qualifications and services
Hire a law firm that offers investor immigration consultants or an immigration consultant with trained lawyers on their payroll (on an average, lawyers spend 7 years to qualify, while immigration consultants qualify in under a year)
Hire a law firm/consultant with solid years (at least 10 years) of immigration related experience
Hire a law firm/consultant that has a track record of executing successful migration services, investors immigration in particular
Hire a law firm/consultant that would refund certain percentage of your fees( if not the full amount) if you don’t get an Investor Immigrant ( Permanent Resident) Visa
Hire a law firm/consultant that provides unique personalized services; you should be able to meet them or talk to them on the phone
Avoid firms/consultants that offer only online assessment services
Hire a firm/consultant with follow-on services that can assist you even after you get the Canada Immigration Investor Visa

Immigration consultants and law firms galore, but only a handful of them has the features mentioned above.  Goldman Associates, run by Ian Goldman, is one of the very few law firms that have been consistently providing full immigration services for investors to Canada for the last 17 years.

Author’s bio: Goldman Associates is an immigration recruiting agency serving businesses, retirees, workers and migrants to Canada as per the legal norms since 1993. It has been authorized by the government to represent clients dealing with immigration applications for all types of visa. It facilitates quick and easy assistance in the entire process. For more details visit:

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