Can Tar Heels, Wildcats save an NCAA tournament that has gone downhill?

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The Lonely Trinity
games you can play by yourself
Image by Stuck in Customs
If you want to see how I made this (and how you can too!), visit my HDR Tutorial. I hope it gives you some new tricks!

It must gave been a five hour drive from one end of Montana to another. After just a bit, you get mesmerized by the wheat fields.

Driving along, I always start to play games with the clouds and the objects on the horizon. This might sound strange, but I do enjoy seeing them in Euclidean geometric formations… so much so, that I had to jump out of the car to capture this.

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Can Tar Heels, Wildcats save an NCAA tournament that has gone downhill?
The Tar Heels can — must — will their way to the rim against Daniel Ochefu and a defensive attack that held Buddy Hield to nine points (4-for-12) and probably followed him back to Norman, Oklahoma, on the team bus because they never left him alone in …
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Things you do when your wife is out… – 27/365
games you can play by yourself
Image by fengschwing
One of the great things about working shifts is something called TOIL, Time Off In Lieu. It basically means if you can arrive 15 mins before you’re shift is due, you can start to accrue an hour or so over the week, therefore ending up with 4 hours a month to take off.
As I hadn’t really woken up today, I decided to finish early and use some of my TOIL.
Of course, my wife and the kids are out, so what does a geeky family man do when he has the house to himself?…
1. Play with my action figures.
2. Read comics (especially really, really good ones like Paul Pope’s excellent Batman: Year 100!).
3. Call your mum.
4. Drink your wife’s Coke.
5. Play video games!
6. Look at your wife’s bras.
7. Rock out to your guitar!
8. Listen to Kenny Loggins.
9. Sniff stuff.
10. Confirm that, yes, it is still that long.

Important things to clarify;
No, I didn’t really call my mum.
the can was already empty.
I only look at the bras that fit me.
It isn’t that short.

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