Creative Uses of Rubber Stamps

Written by Bunga

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Rubber stamps – those cute and creative pieces of rubber (and sometimes wood) that we use for arts and crafts – can be great tools to use for aesthetic and pleasing works of art, no matter how young or old. They are simple and easy to use, and ensure that you or your child can use basic shapes and designs with a minimum of effort. All you really do is dip in the paint and apply, right? This is how most people use them, but there are a couple of other creative ways to use rubber stamps.

The first way to use rubber stamps is actually to make pottery. I bet you didn’t think you could use them to make pottery, but you definitely can. All you do is take some polymer clay – the kind you can bake – and impress the clay with a stamp while it’s still soft. Dipping them in multiple colors of paint will also impress the paint into the clay along with the design. After this, just put on a couple of layers of glaze and put the clay into an oven. When it’s done, you’ll have beautiful and creative pottery, made simple!

The second way to use rubber stamps creatively is to personalize coffee mugs or t-shirts, or really any surface or material that can be used or worn to make it special. Just get stamps in the shapes of individual letters and use them together to spell out a name or phrase. Your child or significant other will smile when he or she sees a t-shirt or coffee mug with their name on it – and if they’re a big coffee drinker, I bet you’ll see them use that special mug over and over again! Just cover the mug with a coat of sealant so its dishwasher safe and you’re set.

There are many other ways to be creative with rubber stamps; they’re just waiting to be discovered by you and your kids today! So if you’re looking for a cheap new alternative way to doing crafts with the kids give stamping a try today!

From custom self inking stamps to Christmas rubber stamps, stamping is a great way to express your artistic talent and creativity. Almost any scrapbooking page can be enhanced with the use of a few well placed stamps and most other craft projects could use some stamping too. Try rubber stamping today!

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