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Cripplegate Park – Worcester – fountain
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At Cripplegate Park in Worcester.

A fountain at Cripplegate Park. Seems all Worcester fountains are switched off in November time.

It was presented to the City of Worcester in 1858. Re-erected in the park in 1924. Restored in Wolverhampton in 2004.

The fountain is Grade II listed.

Fountain, Worcester – British Listed Buildings


620-1/15/205 Fountain


Fountain. Dated 1858. Believed to be by Hardy and Padmore,
Iron founders of Worcester. Cast-iron on stone plinth; sunken
pool in rendered brickwork with stone coping, pool base of
off-white glazed bricks. Fountain has 2-stage hexagonal base,
each face of upper-section has moulded lion masks within
shallow elliptical recesses. Foliated urn above carries large
shallow bowl with water-lily motif decoration to underside,
periphery of bowl carries small lion masks with band of
bead-and-reel decoration below and egg-and-dart above; masks
conceal water jets. A similar but much smaller diameter bowl
above the first is carried on the tails of two intertwined
fish. 2 putti standing on a raised platform in the upper bowl
clasp the main single vertical jet of the fountain. Plaques on
base inscribed, "This fountain was presented to the City of
Worcester by Richard Padmore Esq. 1858." and "Re-erected in
this park 1924." Re-painted in 1990, the colour scheme of dark
green, cream and gold was based on a simple paint scrape
analysis. Circular pool has further plaque, "Cripplegate Park
opened by Samuel Southall, Mayor. 19th June 1922. Ald. J S
Crook, Chairman of General Progress Committee."
HISTORICAL NOTE: The iron foundry of Robert Hardy and Co. was
established in 1814, becoming Hardy and Padmore c1829 and
ceasing trading in 1968. Their products included engines,
stoves and ranges as well as more ornamental items. Fine
public examples of their work in the City include the
balustrade lanterns on Worcester Bridge (qv), Foregate Street
railway bridge parapet(qv), the Arboretum gates [now at the
Infirmary (qv)], and the former Market Hall clock [opposite
the Guildhall (qv)] as well as more mundane items such as lamp
pillars and brackets [examples in Britannia Square (qv)], park
benches, bollards, junction boxes and manhole covers. It is
thought that the fountain was originally located in the Market
Hall in the High Street. An almost identical fountain exists
in the garden of Queensberry House, Old Palace Lane,
Richmond-upon-Thames. A very similar, though more elaborate
fountain exists at the Chteau Impney near Droitwich, Worcs.
Messrs. Handyside and Co. of the Britannia Works in Derby
illustrate the same design of fountain in their catalogue. It
seems very unlikely that Richard Padmore would have presented
the City with a product from one of his company’s competitors
but it raises questions as to the manufacturer of the
fountains at Droitwich and Richmond.

Studies show that chemicals in the carpet can contribute to loss of productivity in the workplace. According to one study, a lot of people who spend long hours working in their office get sick after inhaling dust and chemical residues from the office carpet.

Although this study did not expound on what kind of professional carpet cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that cause sickness in the workplace, you as an employer should refrain from using chemical based carpet cleaning products at the office to protect your employees.

Instead of using conventional carpet cleansing agents, you should switch to green carpet cleaning products. You see, green carpet cleaning products do not contain harsh chemicals that can irritate or cause allergies in some people.

Moreover, green carpet cleaning products do not leave strong smell on carpet so you and your employees can work in an environment that smell fresh and clean. Remember that providing your employees with fresh and cleaning working environment will redound to the benefit of your company. When your employees are happy and they become more productive.

Shopping for the Right Green Carpet Cleaning Products

Before you go out there and shop for green carpet cleaning products, you should first determine what things are considered as green or healthy. Remember that not all of those so called green carpet cleaning products are actually made of 100% natural and organic ingredients. In fact, a lot of these so called green carpet cleaning products are made from synthetic materials and they contain just as much chemicals and pollutants as any conventional carpet cleansing agents.

To make sure that you get the right carpet cleaning products, you need to define first what is or is not green. For instance, products that contain chlorine are not green because they are not chemical free. If you really want to use green carpet cleaning products in your office, you need to find a product that does not contain chlorine and other chemical based stain removers.

Another thing that you need to consider when buying green carpet cleaning products is the smell and the color. Real green carpet cleaning products are not supposed to have strong scent nor should they contain dye or artificial coloring. To find out if there are some synthetic ingredients added into the carpet cleaning product, read their labels carefully. You should also read reviews of these products and see what experts have to say about them.

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