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Okay, we’ve all heard about “get rich quick schemes” and how they are scams or are worthless. But what about “get rich slow schemes”? Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme was a system whereby people gave him money to invest, long term, and he would make them rich slow. Still, those people got ripped off, so does it matter if you’re looking to get rich quick or get rich slow, because the only thing that really matters is “getting rich”, regardless of how you do it. That’s one reason to take a serious look at a new company called ONE24.

ONE24 is a legitimate company, with a legitimate product, and who cares if it only takes 18 months to earn $ 100,000. Now some people may say “hey, that’s not get rich quick”, but if the alternative is spending a lifetime working for $ 9.00 per hour, then 18 months is “get rich quick”. In other words, who cares if it only takes 18 months to earn $ 100,000….would it make you feel better if it took you 24 years? At least that way you could say that you got rich slow if it would give your money more credibility.

Seriously though, 124 is a unique business opportunity not a scam. This company makes a pretty darn good product, it’s called Natraburst, a superfood comprised of over 30 vegetables, and fruits, and when mixed with water makes a great tasting and nutritious 50 calorie diet drink. A one month supply of Natraburst is only $ 60, and when purchased you automatically enter the One24 single line Matrix program, which gives you the opportunity to earn $ 100,000 in only 18 months.

The ONE24 opportunity is unique because of the fact that you cannot just join this company, you must first get on somebody’s waiting list, and be offered a GREEN TICKET. If you’re lucky enough to find a Green Ticket then you are allowed to join the company, and you also are given 24 Green Tickets which you can pass out at the rate of only one per month over 24 months. When you get to a ONE24 website you can watch the 4 videos to find out more, but suffice it to say that getting rich quick is better than getting rich slow, it just depends on your definition of the terms “fast” and “slow”. If you can wait 18 months to get rich, and if $ 100,000 sounds rich to you, then ONE24 may be the opportunity for you.


ONE24 is a legitimate business opportunity and if you feel it is right for you, then you’re welcome to visit the website at

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