Graphic Design Occupations

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Graphic designers, also known as graphic artists, create graphics (images) for media and advertising materials. This may include print, such as magazines, or other electronic means of communication. Graphic designing affects so many areas of our lives on a daily basis, which we likely take for granted.

. The number of this kind of jobs is steadily increasing, so the demand is high. This is good news, as it creates a sense of job stability in the difficult economic times we are currently experiencing. These jobs also typically offer excellent salaries, benefits and opportunities for growth.

The downside to pursuing jobs in graphic designing is that there is typically a lot of competition in this field. Almost without exception, a degree in this field is required. The education you receive will help you gain the knowledge and experience to build a portfolio and prepare yourself for a career in this field.

Some of the many exciting and artistic outlets that this kind of jobs will expose you to are:

– Media
– Sales
– Advertising
– Communication
– Filming
– Printing

Opportunities differ, as it depends on the specific job requirements and the type of organization. What they all have in common is that they demand a certain degree of flair, creativity and drive. Some individuals choose to do graphic designing on a freelance basis, which means they are working as a job-to-job contractor with no guarantee of the amount of work available. Doing freelance work tends to allow more flexibility in the type of work you are exposed to, as well as the hours you work. Most of this kinds of jobs are considered, “in house,” meaning you work for a corporation, ranging from very small to global. Both may require long hours at times, primarily due to project demands.

These occupations are very rewarding and have the potential to open doors to satisfying and long-lasting careers. The job satisfaction rate is very high in this field, which says a lot.

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