It’s Nap Time with Wildkin

Afternoon naps are highly recommended for growing kids. It considered as one of the major requirements for good health. After a long day of playing and running around, kids need to have a few minutes of napping to refresh their mind and renew their energy.

Each stage of childhood needs a certain number of hours of sleep per day to achieve their optimum level of rest and ensure a healthy physical and mental well being. Toddlers need 10-13 hours of sleep a day which includes one to three hours of afternoon nap to avoid fatigue and exhaustion.

Since children can be more active and pre-occupied with all their schoolwork and activities, they require more sleep per day and a few hours of afternoon breaks. Preschoolers and school age children requires an average of 12 hours of sleep at night plus a few hours of afternoon naps to allow them to gain focus for schoolwork and daily lessons.

Kids love playing too much that they sometimes forget that they need to take a rest even for a few minutes. It is important to establish a nap time schedule and allow them to have a routine and help avoid unwanted child behavior which is often caused by sleep deprivation. They get overtired and could eventually become cranky and irritated that makes it even more challenging to put them to put them to sleep.

Most preschools and day care centers instill the importance of day time naps for children at this crucial stage of childhood. Parents are encouraged to provide a nap mat for their little kids to provide a personal, clean space for afternoon naps after long hours of busy schoolwork. This also aids in setting up a good nap routine to help kids focus more and behave well at home and in school.

Make nap times more exciting and lovable for your little kids. Providing them with a quiet time and a comfortable space will eventually lead to a much need rest and sleep. Colorful nap mats are very effective in helping them look forward to their routine afternoon naps. There are various designs that your child would love to sleep in like those created by Wildkin.

Wooden Toddler toys offer a great deal of Wildkin nap mats for kids. There are different designs suited for both little boys and girls that are not only comfortable but also easy on the budget. Your kids will surely love snuggling up inside their very own Wildkin nap mats and quickly settle them down to a nice, soothing afternoon nap.


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