Marathon Running – Running Your 1st Marathon, Make This Your Goal and Achieve the Extraordinary

Written by Bunga

“Well done on completing your first Marathon!” words that to many seem like a distant dream, a far-off vision, but once you have made a decision to run a marathon, you have joined a program. You have joined a group of people who are all determined to try and reach the same goal. Your vision has become a reality.

Although it seems like it is a far-off goal -you will get there, just stick with the program, stick with a group, and you will experience the indescribable joy of completing your first marathon – when these 7 words will not simply be words but a huge sense of achievement, smothered in amazing emotions!

Available statistics report that only 1% of people in the USA have run a marathon. This is likely even lower in other countries. So your decision to run your 1st marathon and successfully achieve this goal would put you amongst a very small minority of the population. Yet, the reason so few people have done it is not because it is impossible, but rather that too many people simply don’t believe that they are capable of the extraordinary.
As you know there are many, many people in the world who have great plans, who dream of doing extraordinary things – but so many never do anything about it. You are not one of them. Once you’ve made a decision to run a marathon you start pursuing what may feel like a huge and unachievable goal. It will be a huge goal and you may doubt yourself. Others will certainly doubt you. But whatever happens, if you just stick with the plan, accept help along the way, share your thoughts, doubts, insights, and joys with the other runners – you WILL run your first marathon. You WILL experience the extraordinary in you.

Source:Nicky Blewett

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