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College of DuPage STEM Professional Development Workshop Teaches the Art of Escape Games 2017 108
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Janet Moore of Illinois State University recently lead a workshop in Classroom Intelligent Adventure (CIA) Missions at College of DuPage for a group of local STEM teachers. The missions challenge your students to complete a series of puzzles in order to crack the code to unlock the box and save the day. Working as CIA agents, students use classroom concepts based in the STEM disciplines, along with teamwork and problem-solving skills, to complete their mission successfully. The CIA workshop provided teachers experience with several examples of STEM-focused CIA Mission puzzles and instruction on designing their own CIA Mission puzzle

Many Parents are Worried
Parents often complain that the methods used to teach math in schools are not helping students progress. What are parents supposed to do? Don’t wait to get your child help, the problem will not go away, and they will fall further and further behind everyday.

Is There a Connection Between Math and Reading Problems?
Yes, there can be. Some students who have difficulty with math also have difficulty with reading and spelling. Parents know their child is intelligent but something is just not right because the child struggles with addition and with sight words. The first step to take towards getting help for these problems is to get an expert examination by a behavioral optometrist immediately.

It is Best for Students to Proceed at Their Own Pace
Having to follow a classroom plan in math is extremely difficult for children who are weak in math. It does not make sense to move ahead until the child truly understands and grasps the concept they are weak in before they move on. Once they demonstrate confidence in their ability to understand one concept then they can move forward. Working on their own interactive math program at home can boost their confidence and get them up to level and it can be entertaining rather than a struggle.

The Other Side of the Coin
The flip side are students who struggle with reading but are great at math! These children will benefit from lots of practice lessons and drills to anchor their math skills. Using an interactive math program at home can allow a good student to go as far as they desire.

Math in Many Situations
Making math fun is the best way for children to learn and everyday opportunities abound for presenting math concepts to children. Have your child help you when shopping, teach them how to distinguish which product is a better buy. Learning math is often easier and faster when using manipulative’s, real coins, counters or even M&M’s. Playing board games help little ones learn how to count. Teach them how to start a saving account and keep the balance current.

Not All Programs Are Created Equal
A good way to memorize math facts is by singing. Another is to use a good on line math program which is proven to be effective Choosing the best one for the job is important. Note: A good math program is not a video game. We now know video games break down the visual system, memory and visual motor (eye hand) coordination.

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