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of the wounded game. Most of theanimals hunted are absolutely harm-less. Think of the animal babies thatare left to suffer and starve when theirparents are killed. Think of the un-fortunate beast itself, which, if notdestroyed outright, must crawl awayto agonize for days or weeks, aloneand in silence, and suffer the horrors 176 THE JUVENILE INSTRUCTOR April m? of disablement and slow death. In- these worth while for sport? Is it flammation sets in; cold comes on; not a savage pastime ? Is it morally they are unable to get proper food; right to cause such agony for the pur- and the big wolves hang mercilessly pose of amusing yourself ?—W. O. S., on their trals. Are tragedies like in National Humane Revieiv. The Horse and the Dog and the Man The horse and the dog had tamed a man and fastened him to a fence.Said the horse to the dog, For the life of me, I dont see a bit of senseIn letting him have the thumbs that grow at the sides of his hands, do you ?And the dog looked solemn and sho

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The Nokia N97 is Nokia’s flagship handset and, on paper at least, it has an enviable set of specs that push the boundaries of smartphone tech. But Apple’s iPhone is still the touchscreen handset to beat. How does the N97 match up against the latest iPhone 3GS?

– Size & weight

The iPhone 3GS and the N97 are roughly the same size when you hold them in the palm of your hand (give or take a millimetre). But the N97 carries a little more plastic fat around the waist – the 3GS is 4mm thinner and 15g lighter than Nokia’s phone.
Nokia N97 0 – 1 iPhone 3GS

– Talk time & battery life

Ok, so measuring talktime and battery life isn’t an exact science… But Apple boasts 12 hours of talktime for the iPhone 3GS, compared to 10 hours for the N97. In terms of standby time, the roles are reversed and the 3GS loses out to the N97 by 432 hours to 300 hours. A point each.
Nokia N97 1 – 2 iPhone 3GS

– Connectivity

Both phones feature fast 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. The iPhone range did lack the A2DP protocol as part of its Bluetooth package, but this has since been remedied with the iPhone 3.0 software upgrade. Another tie.
Nokia N97 2 – 3 iPhone 3GS

– Digital camera

Although Apple has upgraded the digital camera in the 3GS, it wasn’t as bold an improvement as many people hoped for. The iPhone’s 3 Megapixel lens (with autofocus) is decent enough and is also capable of capturing VGA-quality video at speeds up to 30 fps. In comparison, the N97 features a 5MP Carl Zeiss lens with autofocus and LED flash. Video resolution is also maxed out at a 640×480 VGA resolution.
Nokia N97 3 – 3 iPhone 3GS

– Storage

The Nokia N97 matches the top-of-the-range iPhone Gigabyte for Gigabyte – both pack 32GB of internal storage. But the N97 also features a microSD expansion slot, enabling users to boost the overall memory by up to 16GB. This gives the N97 a maximum storage capacity of 48GB. Nice.
Nokia N97 4 – 3 iPhone 3GS

– Screen/Keyboard

Both the N97 and the 3GS feature 3.5-inch touch-sensitive displays with accelerometer technology. The N97 boasts a higher resolution display too – 640×360 pixels compared to the 480×320 pixels on the 3GS. And let’s not forget the N97’s QWERTY keyboard. But, as nice as the N97’s screen is, it uses old-fangled ‘resistive’ technology and lacks the responsiveness of the ‘capacative’ multi-touch display on the iPhone.
Nokia N97 5 – 4 iPhone 3GS

– Other features

The N97 features a customisable homescreen (with user-definable web widgetry), a built-in FM radio, N-Gage friendliness and the Symbian OS supports downloadable apps and games. But the iPhone is probably the most customisable smartphone currently available, thanks to the thousands of apps, games and utilities available on the iTunes App Store. The 3GS also features PowerVR SGX graphics technology for enhanced multimedia speed.
Nokia N97 5 – 5 iPhone 3GS

– Verdict: Draw

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