Personality Assessment Through Psychometric Questionnaire

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Identifier: historyofmilwauk01bruc
Title: History of Milwaukee, city and county
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Bruce, William George, 1856-1949 Currey, J. Seymour (Josiah Seymour), b. 1844
Subjects: Milwaukee (Wis.) — History Milwaukee County (Wis.) — History
Publisher: Chicago : S. J. Clarke Publishing Co.
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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siness requirements. From the stand-point of public health, congestion and fire dangers, the height limitations setby European cities would be preferable by far. But in the opinion of lead-ing architects and others who testified before the New York Heights of Build-ings Commission, a skyscraper is not a source of great profit at best. Thesearchitects also testified that a ten or twelve-story building has reached thelogical limit because the cost per cubic foot increases arithmetically with theincrease of stories beyond such heights. A limitation of 125 feet is therefore not a hardship on property own-ers, and though a concession as above stated, it will tend to keep in handthe dangers incident to groups of skyscrapers. For such reasons Boston seta limit of 125 feet in 1911, Washington a limit of 110 feet, and New York alimit of 125 feet for Fifth Avenue. A similar limit for Milwaukee seems tobe well within reason. The letter of E. H. Bodden, Milwaukees tax commissioner, referred to in

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DR. E. B. WDLCOTT MONUMENT, LAKE PARK PROSPECTIVE MILWAUKEE—CITY PLANNING AND ZONING 527 a previous paragraph, is appended: Answering your questionnaire ofOctober 6, 1920, Does the height, area and use of buildings erected in anylocality affect the assessable value of adjoining property? will say that myannual instructions to the assessors of this department recognizes the factthat it does and the assessment rolls show numerous instances where allow-ances have been made upon adjoining property due to the detrimental effectof such buildings. One of the late cases in point is the Abbot building, sit-uated on the northwest corner of Milwaukee and Mason streets, just east ofthe Milwaukee Athletic Club. Mr. Abbot appeared before the board andpointed out the fact that, due to the extreme height of the club building, thefive lower floors on the west side of the Abbot building have been greatlyaffected, making it necessary to use artificial light throughout the day andthereby materially red

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Does this distinction matter? Yes it does and the use of the word test referring to personality test should be stamped out at every opportunity. There can be no pass/fail result when assessing personality therefore it is not a personality test. Job test the challenge comes when job seekers are asked to complete a personality questionnaire and this is described as a test. Immediately the word test is used in most contexts people freeze a little. “Oh, oh, a test, I need to be on my mettle and make sure I do a good job otherwise I will be found wanting” is the reaction.

Yet what exactly can we do to ensure we have the personality that will pass a personality test? Not a thing is the answer, if we respond truthfully to a psychometric questionnaire about our personality; the result will show how we prefer to behave most of the time. The way we prefer to behave most of the time may not fit with the personality that is being sought for a particular job vacancy. If we do not get the job we might be inclined to think we had failed the test, yet there is no test, well no personality test, anyway!

There are several things to consider here. Organisations are trying to find a suitable personality to fit within their organisation. Hiring a new person is very expensive therefore the organisation will take great care and if sensible will use what tools are available to ensure they get the best fit possible.

The persona applying for a job will be a lot happier if they get the job that is a good fit for their particular personality. A great many people who are unhappy in their work, might be surprised to learn that it is because they are not in an environment conducive to their particular personality. This means that it is even more important that the employee identify what their personality is and what type of environment will provide a good fit for them. The organisation don’t want to waste money by hiring the wrong person, however with the employee they could be wasting the largest part of their life because they have never managed to find a compatible fit and this is a whole lot more painful than just costing money.

It is true that there is no such thing as a personality test, yet it is also true that if a persona does not understand their own personality type and the environments where they are most likely to thrive, they could spend many unsatisfactory hours in jobs that give them no pleasure. An organisation gets the best out of the workforce when they can identify those whose personality will fit well within their organisation as if the employee is happy they will want to stay with the organisation, which makes for a win-win situation.

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