Prices and economy in America then, America Now!

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Prices and Economy in America then, America Now!

Hasan Yahya, Ph.D

Early years  in America, I thought I will not find Arabs in America, I found too many of them ahead of me. Old days are different, “Saqa alla ayyam Zaman”  “good old days” never come back. But this is not the subject, continue reading to discover that:

70-90 % percent of primary care physicians office visits are tress related do to life styles we live.  Instead of being frowning, you have to smile, think of one thing, we all are going to die, so why is the rush to survive, your turn is coming, no matter we were late, we are going to die. So take it easy, man, your turn is coming soon. We’re sorry for the delay, “Uzrael will say politely, but he will take your soul for sure, the delays due to crowded patients in the primary care medical physicians.

Environmental beliefs, or cognitive distortions, ridiculous, you are not listening to your mind. These irrational statements about your situation is making you crazy. You have to reward yourself whenever you did something good. Leave your imagination flies all over the unbelievable places. Exercise  your headache at work, life, marriage, and food. Give yourself two minutes for laughing,  is it too much, forgive yourself, change your attitude, every butt-head has its own opinion. Why bother if:

Food is getting shorter in quantity,

The loaf of bread is getting smaller, and

The big mac lost it’s virginity,

Every thing else price wise is getting higher! and;

What a bright, and  great life with lack or resources?

The joke of Adel Imam (An Egyptian comedian) about the bread loaf in the 1960s, reminded me of the changing economic and technological age. He said, “the loaf, in old days, was so big, no one can eat it all in one time, to day, we bring the loaf to swear on it by putting our hands on the top of it as bible or Qur’an or Torah, to swear not to eat.” Because it will not satisfy our hunger. He’s right. Our economy is dying, thank God! but it will recover in few long years!

Hasan Yahya is a professor of sociology, a columnist at, Malaysia, and TINA International News Agency, Chicago, USA.


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