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Image from page 279 of “The official Northern Pacific Railroad guide : for the use of tourists and travelers over the lines of the Northern Pacific Railroad, its branches and allied lines : containing descriptions of states, territories, cities, towns and
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Title: The official Northern Pacific Railroad guide : for the use of tourists and travelers over the lines of the Northern Pacific Railroad, its branches and allied lines : containing descriptions of states, territories, cities, towns and places along the routes of these allied systems of transportation : and embracing facts relating to the history, resources, population, products and natural features of the great Northwest
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Authors: Northern Pacific Railroad Company Riley, W. C. (William C.)
Subjects: Railroad travel
Publisher: St. Paul : W.C. Riley
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University

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foot of the mountain, and is a unique little town, built amongthe huge granite boulders and rocks on the mountain side,partly hiding in the crevices, partly clinging to the precipitouswall where there is only room for one side of a street. Mostof the inhabitants work under ground in the mines, or in thehuge silver mill near by. The scenery is superb. The savagepeaks of the main divide of the Rocky Mountains with theirsnowy summits look almost as grand as the famous Swiss Alps,and the bright green valleys below make a pleasing contrastwith the rugged slopes ol the mountains. The Granite Mount-ain mine is the most valuable silver mine in the world. Itwas discovered in 1872, but was.first profitably developed in1883. It has since paid to its stockholders up to 1889 over,000,000 in dividends. The ore is base, containing silver,antimony, arsenic, zinc, and copper as sulphides, and nativesilver in considerable quantity. The average assay value ofthe ore is 145 ounces of silver to the ton.

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Rocky MoitiUaiii Division, 209 ROCKY MOUNTAIN DIVISION. [ Con tin ucd from page 2 6 6. J Bearmouth (1,239 miles from St. Paul) was formerly astation on the stage road between Deer Lodge and Missoula,and is now a shipping point for a small extent of farming andcattle country. A short distance below Bearmouth the Hell Gate Canon isentered. This is, however, no narrow mountain pass, as itsname would indicate, but, rather, a valley from two to threemiles in width, extending a distance of forty miles to the junc-tion of the Hell Gate river with the Big Blackfoot, after whichit widens to unite with the valley of the Bitter Root, whereonMissoula stands. The scenery along the Hell Gate Caiion isvery fine, often grand. Rock-ribbed mountains rise on eitherhand, their slopes black with noble specimens of yellow pine,and flecked in autumn with the bright gold of giant tamaracks.The stream itself is deep and swift, quite clear also, exceptwhere it receives the murky waters of its many tributaries,

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A few other unique green products are there that are made with reusable materials and have a friendly affect on the environment around. Such products help keep the ecological balance and maintain a healthy atmosphere around the homes.

Using Umbrellas that Are Eco-Friendly 
All the conventional umbrellas have fixed surfaces. Of course the surface is changeable; replacement is a pretty difficult task for the user. On the other hand the eco-friendly model is much more flexible and is unique in features. Basically such umbrellas are only a skeleton of the collapsible umbrella but it does not have any surface like the traditional umbrella. Interesting feature of the product is that anything from a newspaper to the plastic bags can be used as the protective surface above.

Dispensing Shoe Cream with Harmful Chemicals 
One of the major problems with any items like creams and polishes is that they often contain harmful chemicals and other elements. Some manufacturers have now come up with organic and edible shoe cream that can not only be used for polishing the shoes but also spreading on toasts and even as leap balms. However, not much is known about these products and a little bit of more information would do better to the user.

Providing Reusable Products for Children 
More than any other members in the family, it is the children that become prey to ecological imbalances. That is why it is necessary providing some eco-friendly products for them. An example is the eco-friendly baby clothes as many are available in the market today. Even if someone is not the best of environmentalists, children have every right to get something eco-friendly, especially in scorching heat of summer and ice cold winter.

Pollution Sensitive Dress for People 
It is not only the children but also the elders who can do well with pollution sensitive dress. Pollution levels in the air outside are too high these days. Just as the organic body care could do wonders for the baby, it can work very well for the adults as well. Similarly, the costume worn by the people can be pollution sensitive too. Some manufacturers have come up with pollution free dresses for elders that will detect pollution in the air and wrinkle. 
Whether it is clothes, skin care products, or anything else, using organic products would always be good for maintaining healthy environment.

People searching for biodegradable products for making their home greener as well as carrying such products while on travel will find visiting Besides various other products, the online store also offers high quality green stuff as natural bath salts .



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