Teach Kids Old Fashioned Manners For Good Health

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Health and Safety would have apoplexy today! Mums and dads and kids and grannies all over the place and not a single "official" in sight. Paradoxically everyone survived without a scratch and all enjoyed the occasion.

If you have never watched a group of school kids while they sit at the cafeteria and eat their lunch, it is an experience that every adult should enjoy. Manners have become a thing of the past and teachers often have a difficult time trying to make children understand that many of their practices are not only rude, but unhealthy as well.

To ensure your child understands the importance of manners while eating, start early. Get a dinette set that is right for your child and teach him/her everything there is to know about setting a table to cleaning the dishes. With the hectic lifestyles that many of us lead, these common practices have taken a leave from a normal lifestyle. But some of the manners that our kids need in adulthood need to be learned while they are children and practiced so that they become a normal part of their life.

Some important tips for kids who are sitting down to eat:

Always wash your hands before sitting down to eat. This is an important way of preventing germs from spreading and children certainly share more than enough when they are in school. This is the single most important habit you can get them into.
There is no five-second rule. You would be amazed by the number of children who will grab food off of the floor and eat it while leaving what is on their tray untouched! They don’t understand the concept of germs or how easy it is to spread them around. That’s one of the reasons schools are hit so hard during flu season.
Never bring toys or other items to the meal with you. Although they can be a source of distraction during meals, they can, more importantly, carry germs with them.
Keep your hands and utensils in your own plate. Even if you have washed your hands, it isn’t a good practice to hand food back and forth. And never, ever grab food from someone else’s plate.

There was a time when sitting down for the family meal at home meant that certain rules were to be obeyed and good manners were enjoyed. Since this practice is not as common any more, the difference has spilled over into kids at school. It is important for them to learn the manners that are commonly practiced by most of us in order to help them socialize as well as to encourage good health practices.

Children tend to copy what they see you do at home when they are at school since they depend on your example to show them what is acceptable. By providing your child with his/her own dining set and making every part of the meals an important one for them, you can help them understand the importance of doing things right. Have other children over to share in the experience and you may find that you have contributed to a new trend in kids’ eating habits.

Let you children have the enjoyment of their very own children table and chairs. See their smiles stretch from ear to ear, playing and socializing with their very own kids table and chairs.

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