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As a professional Wine Media, often receives a variety of readers asked the question. The following is the year 2009, most readers concerned about the 10 questions and related answers:

Question 1: When is a grape Wine The best time to drink?

This is the largest number of readers asked a question. In fact, every bottle of grape Wine Are used to drink, and most of the wine market from the beginning when it is the best time to drink. If you have some very famous top wine, you can find them from the network, the best time. But the wine drinking and storage conditions, personal taste are closely related. So even in the face of a very special bottle of wine, as long as a sumptuous dinner as well as family and friends, then share the wine will be is a very gratifying thing.

Question 2: I have a bottle for old wine, you know its price?

Often someone will ask: I have a bottle of 1976 Lafite, is a gift when we got married. So now this bottle of wine they worth it? Our answer is that it is priceless! Of course, some people will want to buy these wines, but do not forget that inside the beautiful memories of you and your family. High-quality wine in acquiring the wine, the required verification of their origin, check its storage conditions. So you want to sell a bottle of such liquor is not easy. When the bottle carries the blessing of their loved ones and family fun, why not open it with their families sharing?

Question 3: In a visit to wine regions, to visit those wineries?

Either to the United States Napa Valley or Italy’s Piedmont or Bordeaux in France to visit, I suggest you visit the smaller wineries. They may not be famous, but you see the winery where the winemaker told that landlords or the opportunity to return to much more. In addition, you will find some you’ve never seen in other parts of the wine, the wine will be your best products travel a few years.

Question 4: Why wine will be a headache?

Wine Preservative Sulphur dioxide may cause allergic reactions in some people, in very exceptional circumstances, will cause death. But sulfur dioxide does not cause headaches, headache after drinking is a very personal performance. Some people only drink Red wine Only when the headache, while others only when drinking white wine in Germany will be a headache. It is best to ask your doctor, they may be able to explain the specific reasons.

Question 5: What is the proper storage temperature, white wine and red wine in storage temperature there a difference?

Classic temperature is 12-13 degrees, you can increase the temperature to 14 degrees, it would be more suited to the temperature of a drink. 14 degrees for the start is very suitable for drinking temperature. Most of the wine storage temperature is too high, and white wine storage temperature is then too low, this phenomenon is particularly evident in the restaurant. So start drinking, to keep the temperature is 14 degrees right. For red wine, it will slowly become warm and somewhat; while for white wine, you need ice to keep the temperature anyway.

Question 6: need to put a temperature control wine cellar conditions for it?

If you are only short-term storage of some wine, then just a dark, room temperature stability on the line, and miscellaneous bottom shelf is a good location might be. If you want to store is some good wine, you’d better choose a wine cooler temperature control. Wine cooler temperature control is now cheap and saving space, so it is cost effective. If you want your child born just a few bottles of wine kept on as a memorial, then France of rum is a good choice.

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