The Controvercial Debate About Energy Drink Health

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Have you ever been on a coffee high? Do you know how it feels to go without sleep for days and days and yet, how you could stand still with the help of coffee? Then there are sugar highs that make people to crazy things. So if you were thinking that it is only alcohol that could leave you intoxicated, you are so wrong!

There s much disputation over energy drink and health issues. We have so far not heard any cancer diagnosis blaming energy drink consumption, but many people agree that the future generations will face such misery. While the critics look at energy drinks and health that way, some loyal users of energy drinks claim that they have never felt any better than after consuming energy drinks on a daily basis.

Before we could picture the debate over energy drinks and health, maybe it is worthwhile to study how the energy drinks are made. As the name connotes, energy drinks are thought to give out energy. The origins of energy contained in energy drinks are mostly sugar and caffeine. But the manufacturers claim that they also contain other safe ingredients that boost performance and stamina. That is why energy drinks are recommended for students, athletes, sportmen and anyone else who requires that extra kick.

Energy drinks and health still remains a disputed subject, especially when it comes to usage by teenagers. Some teens live on energy drinks and are addicted to them. No matter what the producers say some brands of energy drinks are detrimental to health as habit-forming elements are present in the drink.

As per some energy drink labels here are some components that are contained within the formula of energy drinks: ephedrine, a stimulant that works on the central nervous system; Taurine, a natural amino acid; Carnitine, an amino acid used up at acid metabolism; Ginseng, properties of a natural root believed to have energy boosting power and Ginkgo Biloba, known to enhance memory.

However the point is, all these ingredients are not contained in its natural form when it is included in the energy drinks. I mean certain modifications have to be made to the components in order to include it in the drink. Thus who can guarantee that energy drinks and health don t go in to battle? Who can be sure that energy drink and health do not combat inside the body and who can guarantee that the body has a total clean transmission of accommodating to components contained in energy drinks?

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