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Video Games
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Video Games

Video games have come a long way. Most games testers will attest to the rapid pace at which games are evolving and every time you think a technology can’t be improved, some genius somewhere comes up with something new and exciting. If you look at how games evolved over the last decade, its safe to say that gaming technology is one of the driving forces behind the evolution of computer technology.

The early pinball machines and then arcade games laid a foundation for what was to become our modern day game consoles. When Atari brought the thrill and excitement of arcade games to our living rooms the evolution of games took on a whole new dimension. Apple soon followed with the first home PC that could play games through a TV, but it was the PC that soon took over as the number 1 gaming platform.

With Microsoft and the Windows operating system it opened up a whole new world to potential games developers. The PC was king of games and 32 bit sound and colored screens games was more exciting than ever before.

Meanwhile, in the dungeons of their secret labs Sony started developing what was to be Atari’s nemesis. The PlayStation was born and against all odds it toppled the PC’s reign as king of games. With the obvious restrictions of a PC, PlayStation again brought gaming into the living room and as a dedicated gaming platform it was capable of many things the PC could not do.

With this market growing at a phenomenal rate, Microsoft had to get in on the action and soon their Xbox was released as a direct competitor to the PlayStation. Again, they managed to steal a massive market share and with more powerful machines, better graphics and (some may say) superior games it became a force to be reckoned with.

As if the competition between these 2 weren’t enough along game yet another old timer, Nintendo and against all expectations, the Wii became one of the most popular gaming platforms. The Wii redefined gaming and with their technology they created a whole new genre of gaming – one that transcends age and stereotypical gamers.

One thing is for sure, games and the gaming industry is here to stay. Its exciting; its growing and there are virtually no limits. If y see how far we’ve come in the last 10 years, then the next 10 years is bound to deliver some mind blowing games!

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