Tips for a Dude Ranch For a Ranch Vacation

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If you are planning a dude vacation, there is something you should take into consider when making your ranch selection. Be sure that the dude ranch offers suitable accommodations for your vacation. If you travel with a group, are there accommodations like a cabin where all of you can stay together? Whether maid service is available, and all meals are included? Also find out the staff to guest ratio at the ranch. Nowadays, there are so many kinds of dude ranches that you may get confused when making a decision.


Look for dude ranches with activities that you, your family, or your friends will enjoy. Activities available depend on the dude ranch you choose and the time of year you are vacationing. Some of the more common dude ranch activities include: horseback riding, cattle drives, pack trips into the wilderness, fishing excursions, hiking excursions, rock climbing, golf course, tennis court, rodeo event, boating and other water sport activities, skiing, and snowshoeing. However, many dude ranches are offering unconventional activities such as yoga, fitness and spa services.


Also, ask how the activities are organized. For example, a horseback riding excursion, is it conducted for just your family or group? If not, how many are included in the group?


If children will be accompanying you on your dude ranch vacation, find out what activities are available for children. Also, find out what activities are available for individuals that do not want, or are unable, to participate in the more strenuous activities. Just to be on the extra safe side, find out what kind of medical care is available in the area such as the nearest hospital, in case, heaven forbid, an injury or illness occurs.


All of these questions are important when considering if a ranch vacation is right for you, your friends, or your family members. You want this experience to be an enjoyable experience for all and asking these questions upfront will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time.


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