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Driving stick shift is very easy once you’ve mastered the functions of clutch, accelerator and brakes. These tips on driving stick shift help you to be familiar with standard transmissions. If you are used to automatic transmission, this may be distinctly different and you should give yourself more time to master the coordination. Driving standard transmission involves greater coordination as you have to be precise in timing as well as have better focus due to the physical actions needed.

An important component in the stick shift is the clutch. You will need to ensure that the clutch is pushed all the way to the floor every time you shift. This is important because partial pushing will cause difficulty in gear switching and this spoils the transmission box. If you are parking by a slope on a hill, engage the gear in first gear to prevent the vehicle from rolling downhill, in the event that the brakes are not strong enough to hold the weight of the vehicle.

Before going on roads and highways, practice driving in an area with little or no cars. The jerking and stalling that may occur due to imbalance control of clutch and accelerator is normal for beginners. Always remember that comfort and safety should be your main priority. Be sure to use the safety buckle and always pay attention to your surroundings to gauge a safe distance from other vehicles. Unlike automatic transmission where you have unoccupied hand, driving stick shift requires the use of both hands and feet. There is no need to panic if the vehicle stalls. Stay calm. It only takes a fraction of time to restart. Insert the clutch in and ignite the engine as usual.

There are various tips on driving stick shift available online as well as through books and magazines. Regardless of the type of car, it is important to put safety first.

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