Treatment And Prevention For Runners

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This statement is made based on the observation and experience of sport rehab experts in their practice. Professional runners or morning joggers should concern about this very well, because if you are claimed to have high risk in sport injury, you must wonder what the injury is, how it happens and how to recover from it. We can start with knee injury now.

The runners could hurt themselves in their knees and ankles since these parts move a lot during the exercise. Even you are not professional, running for morning jog or after work jog must be something you do two or three times a week. Some people even do it everyday because they enjoy the positive effect to their health and fitness. Imagine if you have knee injury, it will stop you for while from your routine run. Knee injury happens on the knee cap, to be more specific. The knee cap moves in the groove up and down. The harmonize motion between knee cap and the grove takes place when the knee flexes or straightens out. When the kneecap is misaligned, the motion will cause the knee cap to stroke the inside part of the groove. As the result, the cartilage of kneecap is worn out so as the cartilage of the groove since both are touched in abnormal pressure and motion.

In many cases the misalignment and the worn out cartilage develop fluid in between. If you find swelling on your knee followed by pain, the fluid might be the causes. The pain could be around the back of the kneecap or in the back part of the knee after run. The cause of the misalignment is not only because of the movement of the knee in an over exercise. It is more to the strength of the muscle that hold the kneecap. The muscle that works on making the kneecap to align in the center of the grove is quadriceps muscle. When this muscle in weak, the alignment process will be disturb and cause misalignment. Therefore the focus in treatment for the knee injury is to strengthen the quadriceps muscle.

Isometric exercise is recommended to strengthening the quadriceps. Simply routine to make contraction and relaxation will be helpful. This routine should be manage with less than full leg extension in order to train the quadriceps muscle without worsen the injury if the kneecap rubs more the groove. The treatment in sport rehabilitation for knee injury should also aim to increase the flexibility of the muscle by stretching. Massage after injury starting from the thigh downward to the knee could help to stretch the fiber in the muscle. The knee injury is common to runners, either professional athlete or joggers. The problem starts when the kneecap moves abnormally and rubs the side of the groove during the run. It will damage the cartilage of both kneecap and the groove. The treatment focus on the muscle responsible for center alignment of the kneecap: quadriceps muscle. The sport rehabilitation for knee injury will be a combination of exercise to strengthen the muscle, massage to stretch the fiber muscle.

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