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Title: Lilly’s complete annual : seeds fertilizers spray materiels poultry supplies stock foods bee supplies
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Authors: Chas. H. Lilly Co Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Commercial catalogs Seeds Nurseries (Horticulture) Catalogs Seeds Catalogs Flowers Catalogs Vegetables Catalogs Agricultural implements Catalogs Poultry Equipment and supplies Catalogs
Publisher: Seattle, Wash. : Chas. H. Lilly Co.
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ard-heading,winter cabbage; grown in thePuget Sound country, and producingan unusual percentage of large, solidheads. The heads are large, round, and very compact, weighing more than other varieties of the same size. Itis unsurpassed in quality, being crisp, tender and sweet, and it is unequaled in keeping and shipping qualities.It is hardy, withstands hot weather, does not burst in wet seasons, and will stand longer in the groundthan other varieties. Sold only in sealed packages. Pkt.. 10c: oz.. 20c: yA lb., 75c: 1 lb.. .50. Postpaid. Drumhlad Savoy The Best of theCrumpled LeavedCabbages THE SAVOY cabbages arenoted for their fine and deli-cate flavor. The leaves arewrinkled in a peculiar and char-acteristic manner. The heads ofour strain of Drumhead Savoy-are large and very compact, andof a most attractive appearance.It is an excellent winter keeper.Especially recommended for homeuse. The finest cabbage for mak-ing sauer kraut. Pkt.. 5c: oz., 20c: ! 4 lb-,60c: lb., .00. Postpaid.

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Puget Sound Cabbage Seed CABBAGE SEED is one of our specialties, and we produce a quality unexcelled inAmerica. The Puget Sound country is one of the very few localities in the UnitedStates where Cabbage and Cauliflower seed of the highest quality is produced. OurPuget Sound grown seed will produce a greater percentage of large, firm heads than anyother stock to be had: it has become noted all over the country, and we supply seedstnenin all parts of North America, as well as our own local trade. Our cabbage seed, beinggrown and acclimated in this country, is especially adapted to the Northwest. 14 THE CHAS. H. LILLY CO.*— ^-^^^^^^^^^ GOLDLNHALF-LONG THE BL5TMAIN-CROP CARROT Delicious, Sweet, Crisp, and Tender GOLDEN HALF-LONG is by farthe best carrot for home use andfor market, and by many is pre-ferred for stock feeding, for, although itis not so large as some of the stock car-rots, it equals them in yield; often twenty-five to thirty tons per acre. It is of large size; cylindrical

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In China, the kitchen is the place most in need of air-conditioning. This is because of years of Chinese culinary history of the formation of a unique food culture at home, not only very high utilization rate of China’s family kitchen, summer cooking must be endured “Fire hot” suffering. Installation of air conditioning in the kitchen and enjoy the cool cooking fun, is the common dream of large families. Today, this dream has become reality??

Recently, China

Home Appliances

Leader in beauty

Air conditioning

, A collection of dozens of Chinese and foreign experts, painstaking research, launched the world’s first dedicated air-conditioned kitchen, “Star Kitchen.” It is understood that this beautiful kitchen built for the Chinese air conditioning products, the appearance of the structure through the air, operating systems and features a bold design breakthroughs and innovation, success does not resolve to overcome the resistance of ordinary air by fumes, forced cooling and installation problems, not only Chinese families to achieve long-cherished wish, completely change the experience of the Chinese Kitchen fiery, but also changed the air conditioning industry history a hundred years, to create a new era in air-conditioned kitchen.

The world’s first dedicated air-conditioned kitchen

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First threshold: resistance to fumes, clean and high efficiency air-conditioning

What kind of air conditioning

only suitable for kitchen use? This is the air conditioning industry has long been troubled by a difficult problem. America’s home air conditioning Wu, vice president of new technology that kitchen smoke as many high temperature, general long-running air-conditioning could not cooling, while the narrow space limits the installation of air conditioning. The US’s “Kitchen Star” is across the fumes, and installation of three cooling threshold, and has become the sole use of air conditioning products for the kitchen.

According to reports, the “Kitchen star” design and removable and washable interior 2 “fumes fence” from inside to outside the 360 ° full resistance to smoke. First, the “Kitchen Star” with hi-tech metal fume filters, to establish the first “fence”, the triple combination of highly efficient filter smoke and fume collection devices designed to deal effectively prevent the fumes into the air conditioning system. Meanwhile, the use of anti-oil hydrophilic coating evaporator patented design, the establishment of the second “fence”, with the rapid flow of evaporator condensate away the dust and smoke, and downtime smart dry surface. Air-conditioning design does not afraid of tight fumes attack, the air fresher, more power to run.

Second threshold: the strong cooling, heat cooking is also cool

Kitchen, air-conditioned second threshold, is the biggest test of air conditioning and refrigeration capacity. As the summer kitchen, the average temperature will reach above 50 , and the fire continued heating, air conditioning is generally not in this hell-like environment of rapid cooling, continuous cooling. After long-term environmental simulation test and the accurate calculation, the United States of “Kitchen Star” by the international leader in high efficiency air-conditioning rotary compressor, continue to provide strong momentum, with dual centrifugal wind wheel innovative patented design, continues to provide large air volume, to achieve high rapid cooling under the strong heat.

Same time, “Kitchen Star,” a powerful anti-smoke air-conditioning capacity of the internal systems to ensure clean, but also greatly improved the efficiency of air conditioning heat exchanger, effectively guaranteed even in the summer heat, “Kitchen Star” also allows you to get rid of the “Fire hot “suffering, cool the kitchen.

The third threshold

: Innovation appearance, fitted kitchen, air conditioning Xpress

Innovative designs like the Transformers, so U.S. air-conditioning, “Kitchen Star,” the last one across the threshold of success, according to the dream kitchen into reality air-conditioning. To break through the narrow kitchen space constraints, “Kitchen Star” the demand for different installation space can be easily derived hanging vertical, horizontal hanging, installation of four ceiling-type and embedded mode, suitable for all Chinese families. In addition, the shell metal spraying process is not only easy to clean and easy to clean from soot pollution, metal texture also underlines the quality and flavor of fashion, a new generation of kitchen .

China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute of the experts said, the United States the world’s first dedicated air-conditioned kitchen, family dream of the Chinese air conditioning products, will cause widespread concern, a new kitchen will pop life experience. The air conditioner market competition in the future, from the larger and more specialized products to the general public category and functional segments of the market is the trend. Kitchen Special Air conditioning is the second of sleep, the U.S. consumer-oriented market segments air once again pioneering and innovation. It is foreseeable that the United States has successfully occupied the air-conditioning market opportunities ahead of the industry.

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