Various Kinds of Professions Involving Photography

Taking photographs has been something that people have enjoyed doing for many, many years. Some people have such a passion for it that they actually decide to incorporate that passion into a career. This article will discuss the various types of careers available using photography. Some of the careers discussed will be photojournalists, event photographers, photography artists, photography teachers for photography training and learn photoshop, and digital and computerized based photography.

The first career is that of a photojournalist. This is a great pick for the person that would like to report on events that happen in the news through their photographs. Rather than being a reporter, writing about the inauguration of President Obama, for example, they are there collecting images through their photography through their camera lens. One successful photojournalist from Raleigh, North Carolina, Corey Lowenstein, has spent years telling stories through her photographs whether it is what is going on in Washington, D.C. or locally with the Duke basketball team. Her artistic eye can capture a moment better than many article can do with their words.

Another job using photography would be the photographer who takes photographs for special events and of people as the main subjects. For example, wedding photography is a big business that can be very profitable if you have a great reputation for producing quality and unique photographs. One complaint that many photographers now have that do this kind of work is that many people with the new digital cameras and equipment think they are photographers when they really are not well trained like those that learned to do it before all of the high tech equipment.

Besides shooting weddings, there are other events that a lot of photographers can shoot like family portraits, or senior portraits. Sports photographers are another fun career for those that have quick reflexes and a passion for sports and following particular athletes or sports. If you are an independent freelance sports photographer, it is a tough business to try to get publications to buy your particular shots but once you earn a good reputation, you will be off and rolling and allowed access to some of the most exciting sports events in the world.

Some photographers are only known by their artistic rendition of their photographs and sell them as pieces of art to support themselves. This is no different than other artists that usually have to struggle a bit before their artwork is recognized and appreciated. Some of these photographers are known for shooting only landscape photographs while others shoot more abstract black and white images that are hard for the viewer to decipher. Whatever the style, there is photographic art out there for all tastes.

The last profession is that of a teacher of photography. In order to become a photographer, you obviously must learn how to do it properly at some point. Most high schools and colleges offer photography as a course to take where they teach everything you would need to know about cameras, shooting and developing photographs.

Connor R. Sullivan has taken photography training classes online. He also tried to learn photoshop by taking classes online.

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