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so the diet goes on. I’m almost to the half-way target.

You’re looking at about 250 calories – this is a huge pasta bowl filled with more lettuce and spinach than you could shake a small stick at, as well as some avocado (80 cal), grilled chicken (90 cal), and shredded cheddar (50 cal). The green leafy stuff doesn’t have much by way of calories – so lets say maybe another 30 or so there.

The score was low enough that I dumped 2 tbls of ranch on it for another 150 cal. That’s the hard part, because for me that’s still where the taste is.

The frustrating part of this diet has been that I haven’t been able to step up my cardio because of injuries. I’d like to attack my weight from both ends – decrease consumption, increase burn. But I’m trying not to re-injure myself for a third time, so I’m taking it easy. Will try to run 3 miles tomorrow for first time in about a month.


There are a lot of information that you can gather around on how to lose weight. The most common solution that we can get is eating the right diet and a good workout. Calories we take in via food minus the calories we burn through physical activities is the basic equation in most weight loss programs. In losing weight, we need to burn calories.

We can burn fats by taking in less calories and burn more. Calorie is a measurement of energy. The calories that you haven’t used becomes your energy reserves. When these energy reserves were not used they turn into fats. Taking in calories is easy. Your average milkshake contains five hundred to six hundred calories. Kentucky fried chicken drumstick has about 170 to 160 calories. You’ll get 480 to 500 calories when you take in 3 of those. It is really easy to gain calories.

There are several ways to shed off calories. I will point out some activities that will help you lose calories. You can burn five hundred calories by playing basket ball for 45 minutes. Aerobic dance for one hour, aerobic kickboxing for about forty-five minutes to an hour can burn more than five hundred calories. Seven hundred calories will be burned when you workout in a rowing machine at the gym. Six hundred calories will be shed off when you do laps in swimming. Jumping rope for an hour makes you burn over 600 calories. High intensity exercises like aerobic, martial arts, or fast active dancing can help you burn five hundred calories or more in an hour.

These are for those who weigh an average of about one hundred and fifty pounds. The heavier you are the more caloric burn, which means that you’ll need to spend a lesser amount of time. The lesser your weight is the less caloric burn, so this means that you have to spend more time for exercise. All of these activities will make you shed off calories. Select an activity that you really love so that you get to enjoy while losing weight.

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